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Nov 3, 2020 | Awards & Funding, Research

To: All Divisional Faculty and Researchers
From: The Office of Research & Office of Corporate and Foundations Relations
Subject: Brain Research Foundation - Seed Grant Competition

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Limited Submission – Brain Research Foundation – 2021 Seed Grant Program competition. Click on the link below to view more information. Thank you!

Internal Submission Deadline: Tuesday, November 24, 2020

  • Award Cycle: 2021
  • Discipline/Subject Area: Basic and Clinical Neuroscience
  • Funding Available: 80,000
  • Foundation Name: Brain Research Foundation – BRF
  • Foundation Program Name: 2021 Seed Grant Program
  • Description: A joint announcement from the Offices of Research and Corporate and Foundation Relations

BRF – 2021 Seed Grant Program

Internal Deadline: November 24, 2020
Funder: Brain Research Foundation
Program Guidelines2021 Seed Grant Program
UCSC Contacts: Samantha Forde | CFR | John MacMillan | OR |

Award Amount & Terms: $80,000


Brain Research Foundation invites eligible US institutions to nominate one faculty member (Assistant or Associate Professor) to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) for the BRF Seed Grant Program.

The objective of the BRF Seed Grant Program is to support new and innovative projects, especially those of junior faculty, who are working in new research directions. BRF Seed Grant awards are not intended to supplement existing grants.

Award Amount & Terms

  •  Each total grant is limited to $80,000 (direct costs) for a two-year grant period.
  • The first grant payment of $40,000 will be made upon completion of the Seed Grant Acceptance Form (June 2020).
  • The final payment of $40,000 will be made contingent upon receipt of a preliminary progress and financial report (June 2022).
  • Funds must be utilized within the grant period.

Allowable costs under this award: 100% of these BRF Seed Grant funds must be utilized for direct costs.

Consult the guidelines for allowable and not allowable costs.


To be eligible, PI must be a full-time Assistant or Associate Professor at an invited US academic institution, working in the area of studies of brain function. This includes molecular and clinical neuroscience as well as studies of neural, sensory, motor, cognitive, behavioral and emotional functioning in health and disease. The grant proposal must detail a new research project that is not funded by other sources. This grant is not to be used as bridge funding.

Scientists that have previously received a BRF Seed Grant may not receive the award for a second time unless all grant requirements from all previous awards are met. Only one PI may apply per application.

To apply:

To be considered for nomination, materials should be submitted internally via InfoReady,, as follows:
Select “Apply” from the menu on the right-hand side.

  1. Letter of Intent: (2 page maximum, 10 pt. font minimum): This funding opportunity is for projects that may be too innovative and speculative for traditional funding sources but still have a high likelihood of producing important findings in a very short timeframe. Include closing paragraph that explains how this research will develop next steps.
  2. Biographical sketch (using current NIH format) with other support page (5 page maximum). Due to limited space, you can supply a link to your full list of publications
  3. Detailed list of candidate’s current and pending funding support, public and private. Please include details as to how the proposed project is a new research direction that is not funded by other sources.


Tuesday, November 24, 2020: Internal applications due to CFR
By December 7, 2020: Candidates notified
January 5, 2021: LOI due via BRF portal
March 30, 2021: if invited, Phase II application due

Special Instructions: If you are selected as a campus nominee, please promptly submit your proposal intake form prior to UCSC’s Internal Institutional Deadlines. For proposal support, or for any questions about institutional requirements, please send requests and questions to the research development team at A proposal development specialist will field your requests.

Call Sent: November 2, 2020
The Office Corporate and Foundation Relations is a unit of University Relations. The CFR team creates and maintains mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with private organizations, matching grant initiatives with educational and research programs and centers. CFR supports faculty and staff to identify and approach these and other private foundations and corporations for funding, to assist in strategic positioning of the grant application, and to facilitate funder campus visits.
For a list of recent funding opportunities, please visit the CFR website. CFR Calls for Funding

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