Early review of 2021 frosh applicants with Special Talents, Achievement and Awards

Nov 24, 2020 | Faculty, From the Dean

To: All Divisional Faculty
From: Dean's Office
Subject: Early review of 2021 frosh applicants with Special Talents, Achievement and Awards

Dear colleagues,

The Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid (CAFA) will be conducting an early review of freshman applicants who have been working with faculty on campus and should be considered for admissions based on special talents or achievements.  Normally, this applies to athletes and artists, but, in the sciences, this also includes students who are likely to demonstrate research potential and are academically strong.  Each division is tasked with collecting information about these applicants, doing an initial review and then submitting recommendations to be considered by CAFA.  

Nominations must include student name, high school, contact information and date of birth; nominator information; a brief description of the talent/achievement and verification source of the special talent or achievement; a brief description of prior contact with the individual; a brief description of any potential perceived conflicts of interest with student or family; and a brief description of any relationships to campus to fundraising or development by student, family or outside third party entity.

In order to expedite the collection of this material for divisional review, we have created a Google FormYou must be logged into your UCSC Google account to access this form.  Please submit one complete form for each student you wish to nominate.

The divisional deadline for submission is Friday, December 18th.  In early January, a divisional committee will review the applicants and make recommendations to the dean.  The division will then submit these to the VPDUE.  CAFA plans to make admissions decisions later in winter quarter.

Note from the VPDUE: Nominators may only share with applicants that UC Santa Cruz will complete a thorough review of their application taking into full consideration their special talents, achievements, and awards. Admission to UC Santa Cruz is highly competitive; a student on the list for early review is not guaranteed admission; some nominees will not be admitted.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact science.dean@ucsc.edu