Hello PBSci Division,

In an effort to streamline the way PBSci Facilities communicates Shutdowns, Work Advisories and other alerts/notifications to the Division, we will soon be sending these via the PBSci Toolkit website.

We are making this change to align with the recently launched PBSci Toolkit objective of having a centralized Divisional resource for our community. We hope that you find this to be a useful and convenient tool for accessing information so that our faculty, staff and students can achieve their goals in teaching, learning, service and research. 

This message is an introduction to this new method—the email you are seeing today will be the format and standard for all communications for Shutdowns, Work Advisories and other critical messages. You will still receive an email notification as you normally do, the difference is that the content will be published in the Message Center on Toolkit, the Hub for all Divisional Messaging. This content will be published and archived under the Facilities Management tab in the Message Center.

Please send any questions, feedback, comments or suggestions to Jenny Coleman at pbsciwodesk@ucsc.edu

Thank you!

PBSci Facilities Team