Research Development: Select Funding Opportunities and Announcements – January 27, 2021

Jan 27, 2021 | Awards & Funding, Research

To: All Divisional Faculty and Researchers
From: Research Development
Subject: Research Development: Select Funding Opportunities and Announcements

Research Development 

Research Development is a unit within the Office of Research. Research Development Specialists collaborate with researchers and assist with developing concepts, building strategies and teams, finding relevant funding opportunities, and preparing competitive proposals.

Hardeep Obhi, PhD;

NIH Clinical Translation of Activated Optical Fluorescence Methods and Technologies for Sensitive Cancer Detection in Vivo (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)– February 10

Funding for highly sensitive imaging technology capable of detecting very small (1-3 mm3) tumors in vivo to clinical utility.

NIH Understanding Evolutionary Dynamics of Influenza to Inform and Improve Vaccine Strain Selection (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)– February 11

Funding to improve understanding of the evolutionary dynamics of seasonal influenza to increase our capacity to predict the emergence of new antigenic variants and more accurately select strains for use in the seasonal influenza vaccine.

NIH BRAIN Initiative: Pilot resources for brain cell type-specific access and manipulation across vertebrate species (U01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)– February 11

Funding to support the development of technologies, production efforts, and dissemination resources for a cell type-specific armamentarium to study brain function across species.

NIH NINDS Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) for Training of Postdoctoral Fellows (F32 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)– February 11

Funding for innovative research ideas and thoughtful plans for training and mentorship that will facilitate the development of the postdoctoral fellow into an outstanding scientist.

NIH Discovery of Cell-based Chemical Probes for Novel Brain Targets (R21 No Clinical Trials)– February 16

Funding for 1) discovery and development of novel, small molecules for their potential use in understanding biological processes relevant to the missions of NIMH, NIDA, NEI and/or NIA; and 2) discovery and/or validation of novel, biological targets that will inform studies of brain disease mechanisms.

Heather Bell, PhD;

DARPA REEFENSE – Abstract due February 22, 2021; Full proposal due April 4, 2021

Reefense seeks to develop self-healing, hybrid biological, and engineered reef-mimicking structures to mitigate the coastal flooding, erosion, and storm damage that increasingly threaten civilian and DoD infrastructure and personnel. Technical areas include: substrate design and structure, ecosystem engineering, and adaptive biology. Focus is on the U.S. Gulf Coast (oyster reef approaches) or South Florida or Caribbean (coral reef approaches), though alternate sites may be considered. Projects are phased and can last up to 60 months.

NSF BIO Distinguished Lecture Series – begins February 26, 2021

Please join the Directorate for Biological Sciences for the 2021 lecture series. All lectures will be virtual. For a list of lectures and registration/login details click on the link above.

ESTCP FY 2022 BAA – Pre-proposals due March 4, 2021

ESTCP is seeking proposals for innovative environmental and installation energy technology demonstrations. Topic areas include, but are not limited to, groundwater management, protected species monitoring, energy resilience, and comparative assessment of climate models, information, and downscaling methods.

NSF Center for the Advancement of Open Environmental Data and Sciences – LOI due April 1; Pre-proposal due April 29; Full proposal due September 15, 2021

NSF seeks to establish a Center fueled by open and freely available biological and other environmental data to catalyze novel scientific questions in environmental biology through the use of data-intensive approaches, team science and research networks, and training in the accession, management, analysis, visualization, and synthesis of large data sets. Funding for one center up to $20M.

Elif Demir-Hilton, PhD;

NSF Enabling Quantum Leap: Quantum Interconnect Challenges for Transformational Advances in Quantum Systems  (QuIC-TAQS) –  21-553,  Preliminary proposal due April 12; Full proposal due June 14, 2021.

This solicitation calls for proposals focused on interdisciplinary research that enhances the development of quantum interconnects (QuIC) that would allow the transfer of quantum states between different physical states and/or different physical systems. Funding up to $2.5M.

NSF Research Training Groups in the Mathematical Sciences (RTG) – 20-608, Full proposal due June 1, 2021.

Supports efforts to improve research training by involving undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral associates, and faculty members in structured research groups pursuing coherent research programs. Research groups supported by RTG must include vertically-integrated activities that span the entire spectrum of educational levels from undergraduates through postdoctoral associates. Funding for 3-5 years, $500K per year.

Other Opportunities and Announcements

NSF – Navigating the New Arctic  (NNA) – 21-524, Full proposal due March 5, 2021

Three tracks: NNA Planning Grants, for developing convergence research questions and teams to tackle projects of larger scope in the future; NNA Research Grants, to support creative projects on fundamental research that address convergent scientific and engineering challenges related to the rapidly changing Arctic; and NNA Collaboratory Grants, designed to support collaborative teams undertaking research and training initiatives on critical themes of a broad scope related to the New Arctic. Funding levels of each tier, please refer to the announcement page.

Submitting a proposal intake form will help streamline the proposal process. This initiates a proposal in Cayuse, notifies OSP, and enables Research Development Specialists to connect with you. For best support, contact us early and ensure you meet institutional deadlines.  

Feel free to reach out to us with questions; we look forward to working with you!

Hardeep, Heather, and Elif

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