PBSci ITS Staffing Updates

May 10, 2021 | Divisional Announcements, General

To: All Divisional Faculty and Staff
From: Dean's Office
Subject: PBSci ITS Staffing Updates

Over the past year, we’ve had some major staffing changes in the ITS Academic computing group that supports the Division. We have several new and one not-so-new staff  on the team and we’d like to take a moment to introduce them:

Hart Hancock (hhancock@ucsc.edu) – Computing Director / ITS Divisional Liaison.

Hart became PBSci Computing Director in October 2020. He was previously the Computing Director for Baskin Engineering and worked for UCO/Lick Observatory as Senior UNIX Systems Engineer.

His responsibilities include technical project leadership, Divisional Research IT infrastructure, research consultation, and overall group supervision. His office is located in PSB 421.

Eric Shell (eshell@ucsc.edu) – Senior Systems Engineer

Eric joins PBSci from the School of Engineering where he served as a systems administrator and has assumed the role previously held by Alison Lindberg.

Eric’s support areas include Chemistry and Biochemistry, METox, and MCD Biology.  His office will be located in Sinsheimer 325.

Nicholas Inabnit (ninabnit@ucsc.edu)- Senior Systems Engineer

Nicholas comes to PBSci from the University of Hawaii, Manoa and is currently based in Honolulu.  Nicholas is taking over the position previously held by Rion Parsons.

Nicholas’s responsibilities include supporting Earth Sciences, Planetary Sciences, and Ocean Sciences.  His office will be located in E&MS A309.

J Ford (jford1@ucsc.edu) – Systems Engineer

We are welcoming J back to PBSci as IT support for the Coastal Science Campus. He was previously supporting administrative computing for the division, and more recently was a systems engineer for the Social Sciences division.

J’s duties include supporting Coastal Sciences and the EEB department.  His office is located in Center for Ocean Health 205.

Alex Lin (alexlin@ucsc.edu) – Systems Engineer

Alex is our new administrative computing support for the division, taking over from J Ford. Alex was previously assigned as the ITS support for the Baytree Bookstore. In addition to supporting administrative computing, he also supports research labs and instruments, along with Ocho Torres.  Alex is currently located in Thimann 353.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Hart Hancock (hhancock@ucsc.edu) with any questions.

PBSci Academic Computing Group

If you have any questions or comments, please contact hhancock@ucsc.edu