Research Development: Select Funding Opportunities and Announcements V:2

May 21, 2021 | Awards & Funding, Research

To: All Divisional Faculty and Researchers
From: Research Development
Subject: Research Development: Select Funding Opportunities and Announcements V:2

Research Development is a unit within the Office of Research. Research Development Specialists collaborate with researchers and assist with developing concepts, building strategies and teams, finding relevant funding opportunities, and preparing competitive proposals.

Hardeep Obhi, PhD;



New Announcements:

NIH New Approaches to Identify Neurogenesis and Study its Dynamics in Brain Aging and AD/ADRD (R01) – June 17

Funding for research on novel approaches and/or innovative expansion of existing approaches to identify the presence of neurogenesis and study its dynamics in brain aging and AD/ADRD.

DoD Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Research Program (TSCRP): Idea Development Award– Pre-application due June 17

Proposal must focus on FY21 TSCRP Areas of Emphasis noted in the solicitation. $500K for 3 years.

Innovation Grants to Nurture Initial Translational Efforts (IGNITE): Assay Development and Neurotherapeutic Agent Identification (R61/R33 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) – June 17

Funding to develop in vitro and/or ex vivo assays and conduct iterative screening efforts to identify and characterize potential therapeutic agents for neurological or neuromuscular disorders.

NIH Modules for Enhancing Biomedical Research Workforce Training (R25) – June 18

Support for the development of exportable training modules designed to enhance training of the biomedical research workforce.

NIH Analytical Validation of a Candidate Biomarker for Neurological or Neuromuscular Disorders (U01 Clinical Trial Optional) – June 22

Funding to enable analytical validation of strong candidate biomarkers for neurological and neuromuscular disorders and conditions.

Immune Cell Engineering For Targeted Therapy And Disease Monitoring in Type 1 Diabetes (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) – June 22

Funding to support the engineering of immune cells to target the human pancreatic compartment to report on previously inaccessible information about diabetes initiation and progression, and/or to deliver environment-specific therapeutic responses to restore islet health and prevent the progression to T1D.

Transformative Nucleic Acid Sequencing Technology Innovation and Early Development (R21 Clinical Trial not Allowed) – June 25

Funding to develop the early stages of novel technologies that will enable greater than a one order of magnitude improvement in 1) DNA sequencing, and 2) methods for direct sequencing of the diversity of entire RNA molecules.

Heather Bell, PhD;

DoD Minerva Research Initiative (Social Science Program) – White paper due June 23; full proposal September 29

Provides $150K-$1M per year for 3-5 years. Topics include Social Implications of Environmental Change and Resource Competition, Social Cohesion, and Strategic Climate Resilience.

CalEPA Environmental Justice Small Grants – June 30

Provides up to $50K for up to 18 months. Pre-application webinars will be held June 1 through June 3.

NSF Research Experiences for Teachers Sites in Biological Sciences (BIORETS) – August 2

Provides up to $600K total for up to three years. Funds projects that enhance teachers’ science literacy through personal experience, create mechanisms whereby teachers develop collaborative relationships, and facilitate translation of research experiences into curricular changes that have long-term impact on science education.

Hanover Research Grants Calendar for Environmental Sustainability

Elif Demir-Hilton, PhD;

AFOSR Young Investigator Research Program FY22 (YIP) – White paper May 31; full proposal July 12

To support early career scientists who have received Ph.D. by 1 April 2015 or later doing basic research.

Dear Colleague Letter: Advancing Discovery with AI-Powered Tools (ADAPT) in the Mathematical and Physical Sciences – rolling deadline

For the development or new application of AI-inspired tools and techniques, with opportunities in, but not limited to, four focus areas: (i) modeling and simulation, (ii) data and model analytics, (iii) concept discovery, and (iv) physical systems/experimentation. See link for different application and funding levels.

Other Opportunities and Announcements

NSF Spring 2021 Virtual Grants Conference – Sessions June 7-11
For new faculty, researchers, and administrators. See agenda for topics of interest.

W.M. Keck Foundation – Fall Cycle 2021 – Limited submission, campus deadline June 21
$1M/3yrs for projects outside of the scope of federal funders. 

Submitting a proposal intake form will help streamline the proposal process. This initiates a proposal in Cayuse, notifies OSP, and enables Research Development Specialists to connect with you. For best support, contact us early and ensure you meet institutional deadlines.  

Feel free to reach out to us with questions; we look forward to working with you!

Hardeep, Heather, and Elif

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