Hello PBSci Division, Lab Managers and Facility Personnel – 

In our continuing effort to reach the UC Office of the President’s appointed goals of zero waste initiatives, we wanted to inform you of a styrofoam collection day at PSB next week. 

The Sustainability Office, in collaboration with Grounds and EH&S, puts on quarterly styrofoam pick up days leading to approximately 1,500 lbs of styrofoam per year! During scheduled times, a roll-off bin will be located at the Physical Science Building loading dock with volunteers ready to assist in drop-offs.
*** The next styrofoam recycling drive will be held next
Thursday June 3rd, 2021 from 10am to 2pmat the PSB Loading Dock. ***

Only dense, whiteStyrofoam #5 & #6′ is acceptable, please see the container for a rating. Please ensure there are no stickers, tape or labels attached to containers.Styrofoam packing peanuts and pieces smaller than 6 inches cannot be recycled. No Grey or colored Styrofoam.

Additionally, some styrofoam containers from Sigma-Aldrich, Millipore Sigma, New England Biolabs and NEB can be returned with postage paid. Please see containers for more information.  It would be great if moving forward, labs can look into purchasing from companies that be returned with postage pre-paid. 

The Green Labs Team hopes that all labs will participate in the collection and recycling of our large styrofoam waste stream

***As a reminder to the Division—you don’t need to store styrofoam in your labs until these events occur.
PBSci Facilities can help anytime you have cardboard and/or styrofoam waste from your lab—simply collapse all boxes and de-label any styrofoam then place it neatly in the hallway outside of your lab for pick up by the Thimann Receiving team. 
Please let me know if you have any questions. We’ll see you there!

Jenny Coleman
Physical & Biological Sciences Facilities
University of California, 
Santa Cruz
214 Physical Sciences Building
Office 831.459.3498
Cell 831.212.0531