Limited Submission – Greenwall Foundation – Greenwall Faculty Scholars Program

Jul 27, 2021 | Awards & Funding, Faculty

To: All Divisional Faculty
From: Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations
Subject: Funding Opportunity

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Limited Submission – Greenwall Foundation – Greenwall Faculty Scholars Program competition. Click on the link below to view more information. Thank you! 

A joint announcement from the
The Office of Research and the Office of Foundation Relations

Internal Deadline: August 23, 2021
Funder: The Greenwall Foundation
ProgramGreenwall Faculty Scholars Program
Funding Level: 50% of Salary
UCSC contacts: Samantha Forde, Foundation Relations,
Heather Bell, Office of Research,


The Greenwall Faculty Scholars Program in Bioethics is a career development award for junior faculty members to carry out innovative bioethics research. It supports research that goes beyond current work in bioethics to help resolve pressing ethical issues in clinical, biomedical, and public health decision-making, policy, and practice, and creates a community that enhances future bioethics research by Scholars and Alumni/ae.

Please review previous Faculty Scholars and their innovative bioethics research.


    • Applicants must be junior faculty members at a university that allows at least 50 percent of their effort to perform research (often this is a faculty position with at least a 60 percent appointment in a tenure-track position or its equivalent).
    • Priority will be given to applicants who have not yet been considered for tenure.
    • Priority will be given to applicants whose research addresses innovative ideas and/or emerging topics. Lower priority will be given to applicants who are primarily carrying out educational reform or theoretical work with limited applicability to practice, research, or policy.
    • The Greenwall Foundation values and supports diverse voices in bioethics and particularly welcomes applicants from backgrounds that are underrepresented in bioethics and academia.
    • Evaluation Criteria

Awardees are evaluated on the following components:

    1. Quality of the proposed project. Does it address an important bioethics issue in an innovative way? Will the project make significant advances beyond what has already been published on the topic?
    2. Importance of the topic. The topic of the proposed research must be timely and relevant, and the proposed project should seek to meaningfully contribute to its understanding. Successful applicants should demonstrate their commitment to the topic through prior related work and/or a clear professional trajectory.
    3. Potential of the applicant to further the field of bioethics and contribute to and benefit from the Program. The Program Committee carefully considers a candidate’s personal statement and goals at the letter of intent stage; if a full application is invited, the Program Committee considers, among other things, an institution’s commitment to the candidate and the candidate’s plans for professional development and mentorship.

Award Amount & Terms

The award supports 50 percent of a Scholar’s salary plus benefits for three years, up to the NIH salary cap, with 10 percent institutional costs for the salary and benefits. This funding is intended to ensure that at least 50 percent of the Scholar’s time is devoted to bioethics research. In addition, the Foundation provides $5,000 each year for limited project support and travel (no indirect costs are provided for these items).

Please read further about bioethics activities that the foundation does not fund.

To Apply

In Infoready, select “Apply” from the menu on the right-hand side and submit the following materials:

  1. A three-page, single-spaced letter of intent, with one-inch margins and font size no smaller than 12 point, that includes:
        • A description of the research proposal, particularly its significance
        • How the research will be carried out and how it is likely to have an impact on clinical, biomedical, and public health decision-making, policy, and practice
        • A personal statement describing your goals in the field of bioethics
  2. A CV, no more than five single-spaced pages


August 23, 2021: Applications due via InfoReady
September 3, 2021: Campus selection complete
September 20, 2021: LOI due to the Greenwall Foundation
January 10, 2022: If invited, full application due
May 25, 2022: Scholars announced

Special instructions

For support developing your LOI, please contact the Research Development Specialist (RDS) assigned to your unit or send a request to

Call sent: July 22, 2021

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