Two Open Calls – Simons Foundation – Fellows in Mathematics & Fellows in Theoretical Physics

Aug 5, 2021 | Awards & Funding, Faculty

To: Faculty in Mathematics and Physics
From: Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations
Subject: Funding Opportunity

The Office of Foundations Relations is pleased to share this open call for funding for two programs from the Simons Foundation. For more information please follow the links below.

Two Opportunities:
Simons Fellows in Mathematics
Simons Fellows in Theoretical Physics
Funder: Simons Foundation
Deadline: September 28, 2021
Funding: up to $100,000
UCSC Contact: Samantha Forde


The Simons Foundation’s Mathematics and Physical Sciences (MPS) division invites applications for the Simons Fellows in Mathematics program* and the Simons Fellows in Theoretical Physics program* to make sabbatical research leaves more productive by extending them from a single term to a full academic year. For awards made in 2022, the foundation encourages applications from those severely impacted by COVID-19 and for whom travel during the sabbatical period will be difficult. The foundation aims to support these sabbatical eligible faculty, even if remaining at their home institution is the only option.

  • The foundation strongly encourages applications from scientists from underrepresented groups.
  • The foundation expects to award up to 50 mathematics fellowships for 2022. For further information on Fellows in Mathematics please consult the list of FAQ.
  • The foundation expects to award up to 10 theoretical physics fellowships for 2022. For further information on Fellows in Theoretical Physics please consult the list of FAQ.

*Note that the same information applies to the Simons Fellows in Mathematics and the Simons Fellows in Theoretical Physics, however these are different programs.


  • Eligibility is restricted to sabbatical or equivalent leave-eligible faculty who wish to use the fellowship award for the purpose of extending at least a single-term sabbatical research leave to a full academic year.
  • The fellowship program will not support the extension of a full year of sabbatical research leave to an additional term.
  • A Simons Fellow in Mathematics or in Theoretical Physics must have a teaching or administrative tenured position throughout the course of the sabbatical research leave and in the term following the leave.
  • Previous fellowship awardees are allowed to apply for another fellowship as long as they follow their universities’ rules on sabbatical eligibility.
  • Those doing primarily mathematical education research are not eligible.
  • A Fellow must have an active, current research program.
  • Simons Fellows are not allowed to hold a Simons Investigator award during their fellowship.

Award Amount & Terms

  • A Simons Fellowship in Mathematics or in Theoretical Physics will provide a salary replacement for up to 50% (up to a maximum of $100,000) of the Fellow’s current academic-year salary.
  • Funding will support up to $10,000 for expenses related to the leave.
  • The Fellow’s home institution will receive an additional 20 percent overhead on allowable expenses.
  • The foundation’s indirect cost policy allows up to 20 percent of direct cost expenditures.
  • The Simons Fellowship will fund up to 50 percent of the 2022–2023 academic year, where, for example: the full leave year period could be January 1, 2022, through December 31, 2022; September 1, 2022, through August 31, 2023; or January 1, 2023, through December 31, 2023.
  • Fellowship funding must be contiguous to the university-supported portion of the leave.
  • Fellowship awards and sabbatical periods may begin no earlier than January 1, 2022, and no later than January 1, 2023. For sabbaticals beginning January 1, 2022, awards will be retroactively started and grant funds available no sooner than March 2021.
  • Unspent funds at the end of the grant must be returned to the foundation. No-cost extension requests will typically not be considered.


September 28, 2021                Application Deadline
December 31, 2021                 Award Notification
January 1, 2022                       Earliest Award Start Date

Special instructions

Please submit a proposal intake form prior to UCSC’s internal Institutional Deadlines. For support developing your proposal, please contact the Research Development Specialist assigned to your unit or send a request to

Call sent: August 3, 2021

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