Overleaf Survey

Aug 31, 2021 | From the Dean

To: All Divisional Faculty
From: PBSci Dean's Office
Subject: Scientific writing and collaboration platform Overleaf
Dear Faculty,
We are forwarding the following message from the Economics Department which may be of interest to you:

Dear Deans Koch and Wolf,

The economics department would like to survey faculty on campus to see whether there is sufficient demand to request an institutional license for the scientific writing and collaboration platform Overleaf.  Some other UC’s already have an institutional license, and at least in economics at UCSC, 80% of faculty/students use it currently.  Dean Mitchell is aware that we’re conducting this survey, and encouraged me to send it outside the division via you both.It would be great if you could forward the following (very short) survey to your departments.  https://forms.gle/zd27cp72C27kW3Mj6

Thanks very much, and hope you are well.

Alan Spearot
Chair, Economics Department

If you have any questions or comments, please contact aspearot@ucsc.edu