Staffing change in Divisional Accounting

Sep 3, 2021 | Divisional Announcements

To: All Divisional Faculty and Staff
From: Sarah Barron
Subject: Staffing change in Divisional Accounting

Dear PBSci Community,

I write to announce Susan Bright, our Divisional Accounting Manager, will be retiring from UC Santa Cruz September 10th, 2021.

Susan has been in her current role with the Division of Physical and Biological Sciences (PBSci) since 2011. Prior to coming to the Division, she was the Business Manager for Physical Plant and also spent time in Business Administration Services, the Chancellor’s Business Office, the Student Health Center and the Humanities Division. In total, Susan has dedicated thirty-two years to the UC and we will miss her deeply in the Division.

During her time with PBSci, Susan has been intrigued by the breadth and depth of research conducted by our researchers in the Division and is especially interested in the accomplishments that help better the environment and the world in general.

Outside of her accounting role, Susan is an exercise and travel enthusiast and an animal lover. Working for PBSci allowed her to cross a bucket item off her list: Meeting and greeting a live sea otter. In 2013, Susan got to meet and pet Taylor, the oldest living southern sea otter down at Long Marine Lab. In retirement, Susan is looking forward to having more time to dedicate to tennis, golf and travelling with her husband.

Please join me in wishing Susan well as she heads into a well-deserved retirement. The division just completed a formal recruitment for Susan’s successor and has hired Meg Lehr to serve as our new Divisional Accounting Manager. Meg’s name may be familiar to many of you as a former PBSci employee. Meg has been with our campus for over 15 years, most recently serving as the Assistant Dean of Planning and Finance in the Division of Social Sciences. Meg will be starting with PBSci September 27th and we look forward to welcoming her back to PBSci.


Sarah Barron
Asst. Dean, Resources & Planning

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