Workspace for UCSC MBEST Research & Development Initiatives

Nov 4, 2021 | Awards & Funding, Faculty

To: All Divisional Faculty
From: Andrea Pesce, Director of Industry Alliance & Licensing
Subject: Request for Proposals: Workspace for UCSC MBEST Research & Development Initiatives

The Office of Research is facilitating an opportunity to fund indirect costs associated with workspace located at UCSC MBEST Research Park in Marina, CA. The primary goal of this opportunity is to support the growth and development of faculty research projects and initiatives as they pertain to the UCSC MBEST mission. The space available includes shared office and coworking space, and access to conference rooms and other shared amenities such as the breakroom and bathrooms. Proposals will be awarded based on availability and alignment with the UCSC MBEST mission, programmatic themes, and opportunities for collaboration in the area. For questions, please contact Andrea Pesce, Director of Industry Alliances & Licensing.

Proposals Due: 12/3/21 Apply via InfoReady

UCSC MBEST Mission & Programmatic Themes

The mission of the UCSC MBEST Research Park is to create a constructive research and development environment that fosters regional, multi-sector cooperative and collaborative interactions towards establishing an innovation center that leverages unique Monterey Bay economic development opportunities. Programmatic drivers under consideration are UCSC research and educational strengths that align with other academic, corporate, and community collaboration opportunities in the region. Programmatic themes that currently stand out include artificial intelligence (AI) and mobility, agriculture and agtech, climate and coastal science, and sustainable energy systems and electrification.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact