Open Call – Simons Foundation – SCGB – Transition to Independence Award 01.12.22

Jan 21, 2022 | Awards & Funding, Research

To: All Divisional Faculty and Researchers
From: Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations
Subject: Funding Opportunity

The Office of Foundations Relations is pleased to share this open call for funding from the Simons Foundation.  Please forward the call to interested faculty and postdoctoral scholars in your divisions and departments. 

UCSC Contact: Samantha Forde|
Funder: Simons Foundation
Program2022 SCGB Transition to Independence Award (TTI)
Funding: $495,000, over 3 years, activated upon assumption of a tenure-track research professorship; 20 percent for indirect costs (see SFARI policies)
Deadline: Applications and Letters due April 11, 2022


The Simons Collaboration on the Global Brain (SCGB) is dedicated to supporting advances in systems and computational neuroscience with the goal of expanding our understanding of the brain’s internal states. The Transition to Independence (TTI) Award in Systems and Computational Neuroscience aims to facilitate the transition of outstanding systems and computational neuroscientists from historically underrepresented backgrounds to research independence.

SCGB’s TTI Award program engages talented early-career scientists in systems and computational neuroscience by facilitating their transition to research independence and providing grant funding at the start of their professorships. This request for applications (RFA) is aimed at Ph.D. and M.D.-holding scientists who are currently in training positions but intend to seek tenure-track research faculty positions during the upcoming academic job cycle.

TTI grants are awarded through a multi-stage process. The first stage is a competitive process in which applications are reviewed by the SCGB scientific staff and Executive Committee. TTI fellows are selected at the end of stage one. Upon selection, fellows have 18 months to secure a tenure-track professorship at an academic institution and submit a second-stage approval application.


  • The program application is open to individuals who are from gender, racial, ethnic and other groups underrepresented in the systems and computational neuroscience, including individuals with disabilities and individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. More details here.
  • Applicants must hold a Ph.D., M.D. or equivalent degree.
  • Applicants must be currently in non-independent, mentored training positions, as recognized by their institution. See FAQ for guidelines.
  • Applicants must be actively seeking a tenure-track position at an institution of higher education during the next job cycle.
  • Applicants are not eligible if they are recipients of other career development awards with similar budgetary scopes as the SCGB TTI Award. See FAQ for more information.
  • Applicants must not have accepted a formal offer for a tenure-track faculty position.
  • There are no citizenship requirements.


April 11, 2022        Letters of recommendation and applications due
May 26, 2022        Finalists invited for Interviews
June 3, 2022          Virtual interviews
June 30, 2022        Awardees notified


Special Requirements

For support developing your proposal, please contact the Research Development Specialist assigned to your unit or send a request to

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