Project Real – CITL sponsored course redesign opportunity

Feb 3, 2022 | Divisional Announcements, Instruction

To: Divisional Faculty and Lecturers
From: Dean's Office
Subject: Course Redesign Support

Dear Faculty,

 The Dean’s Office is pleased to announce that applications for Project REAL are open to all faculty and lecturers in the division, and we encourage any faculty seeking support in reimagining and redesigning a course to apply.

Developed by CITL in partnership with HSI, IRAPS, and selected faculty, Project REAL is designed to provide faculty with a research-based program to engage in comprehensive equity-minded course redesign to improve teaching and learning and contribute to equitable outcomes for students at UC Santa Cruz.

Deadline: February 11, 2022
Remuneration: $5000
A short application can be found at the Project REAL website

This year the project is recruiting 15 faculty to go through the redesign program facilitated by Robin Dunkin and Nandini Bhattacharya with amazing support from Dana Conard with OE. The commitment during the summer will be slightly shorter than last year (6 sessions over 3 weeks during July), and participants will receive additional personalized support during the quarter in which they teach their redesigned course.  

Teams that are working on the same or similar courses are particularly encouraged to apply.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact