About Toolkit

The intranet for the Division of Physical & Biological Sciences

What is Toolkit?

Toolkit is your intranet for all internal policies, forms, services, and official messages administered by our division. Use the search bar first. It will help you find exactly what you need, when you need it. For example, if you need keys to your lab, type “lab keys” in the search bar and Toolkit will take you there.

What else should I know about the project?

  • Toolkit will not be indexed by public search engines, you will no longer be able to search public search engines for internal resources related to the division and your department
  • Toolkit will improve and modernize our external public search engine results, external audience website user experience, and internal admin practices/communications
  • Toolkit access will still be open to the public (no password required to access), you will still be able to share webpages on the intranet with colleagues, both inside and outside of UC Santa Cruz
  • Toolkit is accessible in the footer of all divisional websites or by the main URL (here)
  • All internal administrative resources on academic department external websites and the entire “business office” website has been taken offline as of November 12, 2019 and replaced with the divisional Toolkit

Web Redesign Project (WRP)

This project is part of the division’s Web Redesign Project (WRP), a digital communications strategy outlined in the Physical & Biological Science Strategic Marketing Plan for 2018-2021. The purpose of the WRP is to deliver a consistent, engaging, and modern online experience for key stakeholders that is both sustainable and flexible in today’s digital world. The WRP consists of four main components and best practices. To learn more about the WRP click here.