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UCSC Staff Human Resources (SHR) provides a variety of support, consultation and services for campus supervisors and staff and student employees.

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Classification Review Process

SHR Compensation & Classification is responsible for managing and administering the following programs:

  • Classification and reclassification of positions
  • Salary administration and awards
  • Service credit calculations and recognition

PBSci Classification Review Procedures

  1. SUPERVISOR submits a Classification Review Package to Staff Personnel Coordinator in PB Sci Business Office.
  2. Staff Personnel Coordinator will review the packet and submit it to SHR Compensation.
  3. COMPENSATION will inform the division of the final classification and salary recommendation.
    • Should the review result in a change in classification and pay rate, the effective date (per division practice), of the new pay rate is the next pay cycle after the package was first submitted to the division.
  4. Staff Personnel Coordinator will obtain budgetary approval and provide final approval to Compensation.
  5. STAFF HR OPERATIONS SPECIALIST will process the reclassification and any retroactive pay.

Professional Development

It is the policy of the Division of Physical & Biological Sciences and the University to assist staff employees to increase the effectiveness of their performance in their present positions as well as to encourage employees to obtain skills, knowledge, and abilities that may improve their opportunities for career advancement within the University.