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UCSC Staff Human Resources (SHR) provides a variety of support, consultation and services for campus supervisors and staff and student employees.

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Classification Review Process

SHR Compensation & Classification is responsible for managing and administering the following programs:

  • Classification and reclassification of positions
  • Salary administration and awards
  • Service credit calculations and recognition

PBSci Classification Review Procedures

  1. SUPERVISOR submits a Classification Review Package to the PBSci Divisional HR Liaisons in PBSci Business Office.
  2. PBSci Divisional HR Liaisons will review the packet and submit it to SHR Compensation.
  3. COMPENSATION will inform the division of the final classification and salary recommendation.
    • Should the review result in a change in classification and pay rate, the effective date (per division practice), of the new pay rate is the next pay cycle after the package was first submitted to the division.
  4. PBSci Divisional HR Liaisons will obtain budgetary approval and provide final approval to Compensation.
  5. STAFF HR OPERATIONS SPECIALIST will process the reclassification and any retroactive pay.

Sciences Stipend Guidelines

  • General:
    Additional duties must be performed for 30 working days or more to qualify for a stipend.
  • Stipend for department staff covering the work of a vacated department position (e.g. academic departments, ORUs):
    The division will support stipends of 15% when an employee is covering a significant amount of work or work at a higher level of a vacated departmental position. In the case where the workload of a vacated position is covered by two or more people – each person may qualify for a 10% stipend.
  • Stipend for division staff covering the work of a vacated administrative position (e.g. business office, dean’s office, etc):
    The division will support stipends of 15% when one employee is covering the work of a vacated position. In the case where the workload of a vacated position is covered by two or more people, the stipend will depend on the associated workload and will range from 5 – 10%.
  • Stipend for additional duties, far outside scope of work (department and division staff):
    In situations where an employee has taken on additional duties, far outside their scope of work and not associated with a vacated position, the employee may qualify for a stipend of 5-10%. These instances will be handled on an ad hoc basis.
  • Out of classification stipends for represented staff:
    For represented staff who will backfill 100% for a position that has been vacated or for an employee on leave for at least 20 working days, the amount of the stipend is driven by collective bargaining agreements.
  • Managers and Supervisors (department and division staff):
    Managers who assume additional duties assigned at a lower classification do not typically warrant a stipend. This may be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • Next Steps:
    To check if an employee qualifies for a stipend, consult with Nicolle. Be prepared to provide effective dates and propose the justification, which should include a detailed list of additional duties the employee will perform. Having a comprehensive list of duties will aid in the Staff HR form completion process, which Nicolle’s team will handle.

Professional Development

It is the policy of the Division of Physical & Biological Sciences and the University to assist staff employees to increase the effectiveness of their performance in their present positions as well as to encourage employees to obtain skills, knowledge, and abilities that may improve their opportunities for career advancement within the University.