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Copies & printing for your class

Faculty and instructors are able to order printed materials (handouts, exams etc.) for their class. These expenses are supported by the Departmental budget for instructional support. Please ensure that your request makes good use of resources (where possible: black & white printing vs colored, double sided etc.)

Email astroadm@ucsc.edu with:

  • PDF of document(s) needing to be printed
  • Course name
  • Number of copies
  • Double sided (yes or no)
  • Stapled (yes or no)
  • Interleave copies (ie 2 versions of exam, ordered 1, 2, 1 etc.)
  • Date materials needed by
  • Delivery or pick up
    • Delivery will be to UCO / Lick Observatory mail stop in Astro Mailroom, ISB 260. Pick up is at Copy Center in Jack Baskin Engineering, room 25. Faculty/instructor or TAs may pick up copies (must bring ID)

Email astroadm@ucsc.edu with printing order at least 5 business days before you need it. It is strongly advised to allow more time during mid-terms and finals, as the Copy Center receives a high volume of requests at this time.