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At the beginning of Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters, the department manager will assign reader/grader allocations based on usage history, class size and resources available. (Graders for the Summer quarter are hired via Summer Session.) Most classes are now being taught in such a way that only require the use of Graders for grading exams. We ask that faculty keep in mind, Grader costs run approximately $15,000 each year to the department. Funds are not provided by the Division specifically for Graders therefore it requires the department to pull funds from other sources to cover this expense.

Steps for hiring graders

  1. Send an email to the department assistant with the name(s) of your selected Reader/Grader AND how many hours you are allocating to that specific Grader. Reader/Graders are part of the Academic Student Employee Union (joining the TAs). This means that each Reader/Grader will have an appointment letter sent to them which will specify the number of maximum hours for the quarter. These are not set in stone – and can be increased if necessary. Please inform the department assistant, if you will be assigning extra hours to any hired Grader.
    The department office keeps a file of all hired Reader/Graders from past quarters. If you need assistance identifying student graders, please come by the department office, (PSB 230) to view previous Grader applications. Contacting faculty members that have taught the course in the past is another great resource for finding student help.
  2. Direct the student to our website to apply for the position. More details about being a Grader can be found on this website.
  3. The department assistant will follow up with the student with an appointment letter and further instructions.
  4. We are required to provide the student a Description of Duties (DOD). If you will be asking your student hired as a Reader/Grader to perform any task that falls outside the following description ‘Grading of student work, including homework, paper, lab reports, exams’ please contact the Department Manager to discuss prior to assigning.

Other details

  • You are considered the supervisor for all Readers/Graders you hire.
  • You will approve the hours your Reader/Grader works via CruzPay.
  • Hiring Graduate Students is allowable, however, requires approval from his/her PI and the UCSC Graduate Division. Contact the department assistant for more details.
  • Reader/Graders cannot work more than 40 hours in any one week or work more than 8 hours in any one day.