Use of PSB Conference Rooms: Standard Operating Procedures

Conference rooms within PSB may be used by graduate students and other members of the Chemistry & Biochemistry community for carrying out TA responsibilities and for participating in zoom classroom sessions. Because the number of rooms is very limited, use should be limited to only those cases where going home to TA/zoom is difficult or prohibitively time consuming. The guidelines below recognize that both surfaces and airborne aerosols may transmit SARS-CoV-2. Consequently, room surfaces that have been contacted by the user must be cleaned after each use. In addition, there will be a fixed amount of time separating each use. Users must bring their own equipment (computers, board markers, etc.) and wear a mask at all times.

The available rooms are:

145 — 300 sq ft
257 — 261 sq ft
240 — 1056 sq ft
357 — 285 sq ft
341 — 297 sq ft
431 — 727 sq ft

  1. Use is limited to one person at a time. This applies to all rooms, including 240 and 431. Also, use is limited to those who have approval to occupy PSB and have passed online clearance for that day.
  2. Katie Cramton in the Department Office will maintain a reservation system. Users must sign up in advance to use any of these rooms. An empty room does not entitle one to drop in and use the space.
  3. As will be seen on the reservation sign-up sheet, there will be a one hour airing out period between each use.
  4. Face coverings must be worn at all times while using the conference rooms, just like other public and laboratory spaces in PSB. These rooms are not ventilated as well as the laboratories so face coverings are especially important.
  5. Each room will be equipped with a bottle of hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant (provided by EH&S) and paper towels. At the end of each use, the occupant must spray all contact and nearby surfaces. Allow the disinfectant to stand on these surfaces for several minutes before wiping down. Notify Katie if any supplies are low.
  6. Users must bring in their own computer, board markers, erasers or any other equipment. There should be no sharing of equipment.

Rooms are available on a limited basis and only meant to be used when someone is truly in need of a quiet location, whiteboard, stronger internet, etc.

Due to the limited space resources we have, conference rooms listed below are for the use of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department. This is department held space. We will occasionally make exceptions for one time use for other users but on a case by case basis. Please contact the Department Office first if you fall into this last category. Thank you.

To make a reservation for one of our conference rooms:




Select the meeting to view a pop up that will show you start and end times.

Scroll down to see calendars for all conference rooms before submitting a request.

Questions? *Make multiple reservations?

Katie Cramton
(831) 459-4823

PSB 145

PSB 240

PSB 257

PSB 341

PSB 357

THIM 345

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