Faculty and Lecturers will be sent a reminder email from the Bay Tree Bookstore — once a quarter — to order textbooks. Textbooks can be ordered online using the Faculty Orders Page or by sending an email to txtbooks@ucsc.edu. If you opt for the email submission, please include the following information:

Department & Course #:
Estimated Enrollment:
Contact Email/Phone:

Example email order

Department & Course #: CHEM 143
Estimated Enrollment: 60
Contact Email/Phone: singaram@ucsc.edu
Author/Title: Carey & Sundberg/Advanced Organic Chemistry Part A: Structure and Mechanisms (Paper Back)
Edition: Fifth (5th) Edition
ISBN: 978-0-387-68346-1
Required?: Yes

Course reserves

There are two libraries on campus: The Science and Engineering Library & the McHenry Library.
Textbooks can be put on reserve for student use. Please visit the library website for more information.