Account Setup

All requisitions/purchase orders are processed using the online CruzBuy purchasing system. All CruzBuy users must have a login & password in order to use the system.

Obtaining a CruzBuy Account:

  • To request a new account or to change a user role for an existing account, complete the CruzBuy Account Authorization form.
  • A valid “” email address must be included on the form.
  • Cruzbuy Form information specific to PBSci accounts:
  • *Primary Contact = Robin Shaw (rlshaw)
  • *Select the optional box called “include additional approval”. This should be the Tier 2 accountant for the funding (ORG) that’s tied to the Cruzbuy account.
  • *PBSci Divisional Access Authorizer = Robin Shaw (rlshaw) for Divisional Accounting ORGs or Carey Odden (codden) for Research Accounting ORGs.
  • You will receive an email from FIS when your account has been set up.

Please contact your accountant for funding specific questions.

CruzBuy Assistance

Procurement and Supply Chain Services Procurement Help Line: 831 459-2311, Option 4 Email: