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Entertainment Reimbursements

Please submit your Top-Level EEC Pre-Approval or Entertainment Reimbursement (ERF) forms and original itemized receipts to your Divisional Resources accountant.

Entertainment “Top-Level” EEC Pre-Approval: The Dean is required to approve in advance if:

  1. Alcohol will be served or consumed (including donated):
    • Alcohol Appendix A form must be on file with Divisional Accounting.
    • Campus Police must be notified at police@ucsc.edu when there are 50 or more invited participants for all events held on campus where alcohol will be served.
    • PBSci Divisional Alcohol Policy:
      1. The Division will not reimburse alcohol for student-focused events. This applies to graduate student events, including those related to graduate student recruitment.
      2. The reimbursement limit for alcohol per person has been capped at $20/person, plus tax and gratuity.
      3. When alcohol is not requested for reimbursement, the costs omitted must include tax and gratuity pertaining to the alcohol.
      4. Corkage is considered alcohol and requires the Dean’s approval.
      5. No State funds (199XX or 18082) or Federal funds may be used for any alcohol related expense.
  2. Meals will be provided to a spouse, domestic partner, or family member of host/guest.
  3. The per-person campus meal limit will be exceeded.
  4. An employee morale-building activity is planned, including retirement and recognition receptions.
  5. Cash contributions are included in the cost of an event.
  6. Tickets will be provided to prospective donors, employees, or student appointees in connection with an entertainment event.

An Entertainment Reporting Form (ERF) must be completed for the following entertainment events/situations:

  • All reimbursements for meals or light refreshments.
  • All campus dining services (other than Campus Catering).

Event Meal Expense Tracker must be used for multiple Cruzbuy expenses tied to a single meal.


Entertainment “Top-Level” ECC Pre-Approval