EEB Vehicles

Vehicle # Vehicle Type Seats Calendar Code
7672 Passenger van 12 Purple
7674 Passenger van 12 Brown
7678 Passenger van 12 Orange
7680 Passenger van 12 Turquoise
7600 Passenger van w/ cargo space 8 Lavender
7626 Passenger van w/ cargo space 8 Green
7633 Passenger van w/ cargo space 8 Red
7375 C-max hybrid car 5 Blue
7247 Scion (manual transmission) 5 Teal

Reservation calendar

Reservation instructions

  1. Check availability on the EEB Vehicle Reservations Calendar (above) before submitting a request.
  2. To request vehicle reservations click the button below:
  1. All reservations including those from outside the EEB department will show up on the calendar once the request has been reviewed and approved. Email confirmations will also be sent with detailed reservation information. Please verify that your reservations are accurate for the dates requested.
  2. If you do NOT see your reservation on the calendar and/or do not receive a confirmation email, your reservation has NOT been finalized. Please contact Julio Harvey,, for assistance.

Reservation changes

If you need to make changes to an existing reservation, submit an updated online reservation request. To cancel your reservation email Julio Harvey,

Recharge fees

The recharges rate for use is $1.67 per mile in 2019-20. A recharge FOAPAL is entered when requesting a reservation. You may request departmental support for a waiver of the recharge fee. These requests are reviewed for approval once the reservation form is submitted. A trip mileage log is collected when keys and vehicles are returned to the Coastal Science Campus.


Key pick up and return are coordinated with department staff at CBB. Detailed information will be sent in the reservation confirmation email.


Always return vehicles with a full tank of fuel.
When fueling (regular gas), check the oil level and tire pressure. These are especially important when carrying a heavy load and before long trips.

Heading out

Before driving please remember to double check the vehicle’s condition and fuel levels.
In case of an accident, refer to the emergency packet in red binders in each van.