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Equipment disposal

Equipment disposal procedure

Requester/user responsibilities

  • Required to notify PBSci Work Order Desk of ALL disposal transactions.
  • Completion of:
    • Disposal Request Form: Must be completed for all equipment disposals, transfers, or surplus sales.
    • Equipment Inventory Modification Request (EIMR), if necessary (If you get a “Please Wait” notice for the EIMR, right click and save it to your computer.):
      • Must be completed for inventorial items (these items will have a an affixed UCSC property tag). The EIMR is used to report equipment “scrapped” or “transferred” which is valued over $5000 (original purchase price). Items under $5000 do not require an EIMR for disposal, unless they have a UCSC property tag.
    • Surplus Request Form: Must be completed for any equipment you wish to sell.
  • Return completed and signed forms to PBSci Work Order Desk. (Keep copies for your records.)
  • PBSci Work Order Desk will contact EH&S to clear the equipment and arrange for disposal or transfer.
  • Removal of contents – cleaning guidelines:
    1. Remove any and all contents from refrigerator/freezer or other equipment. If used for radioactive storage, contact EH&S’s Radiation Safety Officer.
    2. Clean and wipe down all interior/exterior surfaces in compliance with EH&S standards. Contact EH&S for more information.
    3. After EH&S has cleared equipment, they will post a notice on the equipment that has been cleared for removal and disposal/sale.
    4. After EH&S has cleared equipment, remove ALL existing labels (warning, caution, chemical, radiation, hazard, etc., including UCSC Property/Inventory Sticker).

Facilities Management responsibilities

  • EH&S clearance will be verified on recharge form.
  • After EH&S has provided clearance and all stickers have been removed, PBSci Work Order Desk will arrange for Receiving Services to pick up the equipment.
  • Receiving Services will either dispose of equipment or offer it for sale, if requested.
  • PBSci Facilities will pay all disposal costs.

Sale/surplus options

  • The user has the option of selling the equipment through Campus Receiving Services – Surplus instead of disposing of it.
  • No refrigerator, freezer, microwave or other potential consumer items used in a laboratory may be resold to the general public.
  • Campus Receiving Services – Surplus is responsible for all aspects of sale, including pick-up, advertising, storage and shipping of equipment.
  • Contact receiving@ucsc.edu for further information regarding equipment surplus.

Recycling options

PBSci Facilities is committed to sustainability and providing recycling and waste options for our community. If you have cardboard and/or styrofoam waste from your lab, you can simply collapse all boxes and de-label any styrofoam then place it neatly in the hallway outside of your lab for pick up by the Thimann Receiving team.

PBSci also holds quarterly styrofoam recycling events at the Physical Sciences building. An email notification will go out when these events take place.

Please find the following links for additional information on recycling programs at UCSC: