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Facilities handles standard preventive ergonomic assessments for faculty, staff and graduate students within the division.

Facilities will be the first level assessor to evaluate your ergonomic case. Prior to meeting with you in person, we need you to answer the following questions and complete an interactive online assessment.

Please respond to these questions:

  1. What is your campus affiliation (staff, faculty, grad student etc)?
  2. Will you receive a UCSC paycheck this fiscal year (July 1-June 30)?
  3. Is your ergonomic request related to a Workers’ Compensation claim?
  4. Have you suffered a non work-related injury? If so, please describe briefly.
  5. Are you currently seeing, or have you previously seen a physician for a condition related to your current discomfort?
  6. Do you have a recognized permanent disability that may require accommodation to perform critical job functions?
  7. Is your workstation a office setup or a lab setup? What is your workstation location?

UCSC interactive online assessment

To sign up for the training and self assessment, go to UCSC online ergonomic training. Enter you CruzID and Gold password to log into the UCSC Learning Center to access the ergonomic Assessment and Training Module.

NOTE: If you have forgotten your CruzID Gold password or need to set that up You can do so at the ITS accounts webpage, or email ITS at: help@ucsc.edu.
If you have questions about the UCSC online ergonomic training and self assessment program or process, contact Brian MacDonald at 459-5430.

Once you have completed the above assessment please email pbsciwodesk@ucsc.edu including your answers to questions 1-7 above.