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Receiving & Delivery

NOTE: Changes to Gas Cylinder Purchasing:

The PBSci Stockroom no longer provides gas cylinders for resale. Labs will now purchase all gases directly from vendors via CruzBuy, vendors will deliver the gases directly to the individual lab location specified when placing the order. Gases may be purchased from either AirGas or Praxair.

Two important steps to remember when placing an order:

  • Specify your lab address as the delivery location.
  • Clearly label empty cylinders for pickup, so it is clear to the delivery person and others in your lab which cylinders are to be removed.

If the delivery driver is unable to get into your lab, cylinders may be left for a short period of time at the building docks of PSB, Sinsheimer, Biomed, and in an exterior cage on the north side of E&MS.

AirGas standard delivery days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Users report that AirGas has been very accommodating about rush deliveries on other days.

Praxair standard delivery days are Tuesday and Fridays.

Shipping & Receiving

The PBSci Stockroom also provides shipping/receiving services for faculty, staff and researchers. All University related packages for shipment can be handled through us.

For delivery of large equipment or orders that may require special handling, please contact the stockroom first, to coordinate proper receiving of items.

For returns, deliveries, radioactive orders, and problem orders call (831) 459-2785 or (831) 459-4732.

Shipping Memo (MS Word)

Dry Ice

Dry ice is delivered directly to bins located in Sinsheimer 144, Biomed North 3rd floor, and in the hallway across from PSB 339 every Tuesday and Friday. Special dry ice needs for electrical shutdowns are handled by PBSci Facilities.

Lab Waste Containers

PBSci lab personnel will be able to pick up their waste containers from the PBSci Receiving & Delivery (aka Stockroom).

  • 5 gallon pails for solids and semi-solid waste streams
  • 2.5 gallon carboys for liquid waste streams
  • 5.4 Qt Sharps Collectors
  • Glass Waste Boxes
  • Small & Large Containment trays

We also supply glass waste boxes, sharps containers and secondary containment trays.


We try very hard here in Receiving & Delivery to downsize most packages and recycle styrofoam peanuts, plastic wrap and paper.

Please help us recycle by:

  1. Breaking down all cardboard boxes.
  2. Styrofoam boxes that can be sent back to the vendor should be given back to Receiving & Delivery staff or brought to Receiving & Delivery to ship out.
  3. Styrofoam boxes other than above can be given back to Receiving & Delivery staff for disposal.
  4. Styrofoam peanuts can be left in the box and given back to Receiving & Delivery staff.

We also provide battery, ink jet cartridges and e-waste drop-off point.

We will continue to pick up any boxes placed neatly in the hallways, if we have room on our carts.


Shipping Memo