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Hiring a Graduate Student Researcher

Graduate Student Researchers (GSRs) are non-represented academic employees covered by CAPM 700.410 policy.

Graduate Student Researcher

A registered graduate student appointed to assist in performing research related to the student’s degree program in an academic department or research unit under the direction of a faculty member or authorized Principal Investigator.

When appointed at 25% or greater, 100% of fees, plus tuition if a non-resident, are covered by the fund source paying the salary.

When appointed at less than 25%, no fees or tuition are covered (appointments, or combination of appointments, at less than 25% are discouraged, unless there is only funding for a small, fractional GSR, i.e., 10-20%).

TA/GSR Split Appointment

When a student is appointed to both a TA and GSR appointment in the same quarter, the following applies:

  • A request is needed from both the Principal Investigator and the department.
  • Principal Investigators considering hiring a GSR who is currently a TA should contact their department or Personnel Specialist to discuss and coordinate the appointment.

Procedures for PBSci GSR Support Request

Faculty and Principal Investigators in the Physical & Biological Sciences Division can request to hire a Graduate Student Researcher by following these instructions.

  1. Log in to your UCSC Gmail account (your email address@ucsc.edu) via a web browser.
  2. Complete the PB Sci GSR Support Request form for each student. You and your Research Accountant will receive a system generated email summarizing your request.
  3. Your Research Accountant will forward the summary email with their approval to the Personnel Specialist for processing. If the Research Accountant can’t approve the request, they will contact you directly to resolve any issues.