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Copies & printing for your class

Copier access

There is a photocopy machine in the Physics Department Mailroom, ISB 232. Issues with department copier, contact copierprogram@ucsc.edu.

Copy Center

The UCSC Copy Center also houses Professor Publishing. The Copy center offers printing services for: Course Readers, Exams, Syllabi, and Course Handouts. The Copy Center is located next to the post office in J Baskin Engineering, Room 25. You may drop off an order in person or email your documents to:

§ copy@ucsc.edu for exams, syllabi, and course handouts, or
§ profpub@ucsc.edu for your course readers.

The copy center will deliver copies that you order. You will have to indicate that you would like it delivered in your email along with your instructions of how you want your copy job completed, i.e., back to back, yellow paper, etc. They require that you give them 3-4 days in advance. Your delivery will come via the campus mail (arrives between 9:00am and 9:30am Monday – Thursday) so if this time frame does not work for you then you will need to pick them up. Be sure you check that you have received the correct number of copies—there have been shortages.